Inspired by Japanese kimono

At Foxy Lilly, we make and market original design T-shirts inspired by modern Japanese kimono. Our design concept is “iki” (粋), meaning the spirit of chic elegance. This aesthetic ideal is essential for women to look and feel their best when wearing kimono.
Sayuri Fujii

Hello, I’m the owner / designer.

My name is Sayuri Fujii. We are looking forward to having you enjoy our design! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us from the contact form.

Foxy Lilly - Spider Lily Mask

HIGANBANA (Spider Lily) Mask

Stylish cotton cloth fashion face mask with wire nose bridge. Reusable, washable and adjustable. It comes with two replaceable carbon filter inserts. You can choose a red or white design.

HIGANBAMA (Spider Lilly) Long Sleeve T-Dress

HIGANBANA (Spider Lily) Long Sleeve T-Dress

Here is a long sleeve T-shirt dress version of the short sleeve T-shirt “Higanbana”. Rock it at a party or while lounging at home. Enjoy just the right style and comfort for any occasion!

HIGANBANA (Spider Lilly)

Spider Lilies are called “Higanbana” in Japanese. They bloom around the autumnal equinox and their petals are a brilliant crimson color. They have peculiar, poison-like look and beauty. “Higan…” is originally a Buddhist term that means “the other shore,” which is a metaphor for enlightenment. “…Bana” means “flower” in Japanese. 

MEGAMI (Statue of Liberty)

A symbol of acceptance, generosity, equality and diversity. An image that captures the American spirit, known all around the world. Our design takes “Jiyuu no Megami,” her name in Japanese, and gives her a fun, modern twist with a Japanese vibe. Let’s Go America!

UME (Plum Blossom)

Plum blossoms are second only to cherry blossoms — they’re quite beautiful and distinguished. They signal the coming of spring and they bloom with impressive size, even in the cold weather. This T-shirt aims to express their beauty, uniqueness, and one-of-a-kind presence.

KIKU (Chrysanthemum)

Kimonos featuring chrysanthemum designs are very popular in Japan, and have been for centuries. This design is a stylized chrysanthemum created as an expression of beauty and elegance, so you can extend your beauty and elegance the moment you slip into the shirt.

FUJI (Wisteria)

In the world of Kimono, wisterias are a symbol of femininity and beauty. They present themselves as modest yet mysterious. The same could be said for those who wear this shirt. Project an air of subtle sophistication to the world around you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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